"life is too short for bad coffee"

Do you also appreciate a good cup of coffee?

With 10 years of experience as coffee roasters and baristas, you can be sure that everything on this site has been carefully selected, and I guarantee that there is something for every taste. I make coffee a personal experience according to YOUR taste

Carefully selected coffee

I strive every day to offer my customers the best the coffee world has to offer.

In my world, coffee is personal, to be produced afterwards. That is why I myself roast the coffee you buy via my webshop.

The coffee you buy is carefully selected. The green coffee beans I buy and roast are of the highest quality and gently roasted so that all nuances of flavor are retained in the coffee.

Coffee is, if possible, directly imported from farms around the world, which is why I can offer, among other things, the highest quality, as well as competitive prices. All coffee is specialty coffee and thus top 10% quality of all coffee in the world.

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