Welcome to a whole world of coffee experiences!

My name is Alex Nielsen. I am a coffee roaster and barista with 15 years of experience.

I want to make your coffee better! The coffee you buy from me is personal and can be adapted to your taste and needs. You are at the center as a customer and have an influence on the coffee I roast especially for you.

The coffee you buy is carefully selected. The green coffee beans I buy and roast are of the highest quality and gently roasted so that all nuances of flavor are retained in the coffee.

At Alex Kaffe, I only sell coffee of "specialty" quality - i.e. top 10% of all coffee in the world.

A large part of the coffee I bring home is direct trade, i.e. traded directly at the farm without too many dealer links in the value chain from coffee farm to your bag of coffee. The coffee farmer is thereby guaranteed a fair price for the coffee.

I roast your coffee light, medium or dark, depending on what the bean is to be brewed for (espresso/filter) and which nuances of flavor are to be emphasized in your particular coffee!

Light roasted coffee : here a lot of the coffee's aromas are retained and you get a hint of acid and a tea-like taste. Very fruity and fresh taste. Used especially for the African and honey processed coffees in the shop, both for filter and espresso

Medium roasted coffee: a more traditional degree of roasting for filter coffee, where part of the coffee's fruitiness and acidity is preserved, but with more body and sweetness from the roasting. Used for South and Central American filter coffees

Dark roasted coffee : the darker the coffee is roasted, the more the roast tastes through. Much of the acidity and fruitiness become undertones, and sweetness, body and a hint of bitterness emerge. Used for espresso blends and South/Central American coffees for espresso

At Alex Kaffe, we roast to order. Therefore, allow 2-3 days until your order is roasted and ready for dispatch. In this way, you are guaranteed the freshest possible coffee!

I look forward to showing you: the whole world in your cup