Third wave water TDS Meter

150 kr
A TDS meter gives a picture of how much is in your water. It does not measure what it is, but the total sum of calcium, magnesium and other particles in the water. It is a good help to see if a possible lime filter works, or how well a distiller or an RO system cleans the water. This TDS meter is from third wave water with logo!

Question: How long is the delivery time?

Answer: As the coffee is roasted to order, to ensure freshness, you can expect a delivery time of 2-5 working days.

Question: Can you return your goods?

Answer: Yes, there is a 14-day right of return, except for RO systems due to hygiene

Question: Can I collect my coffee myself?

Answer: Select collection during delivery, then you can collect from Alex Kaffe south of Aarhus