Water purifier - reverse osmosis (RO) plant

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New at Alex Kaffe:

RO, or reverse osmosis, system that cleans the water quickly and efficiently from lime, toxins and other unwanted impurities.

A reverse osmosis system consists of a semipermeable membrane. This means that it is permeable to certain types of substances. It is the same membrane found in plants. This makes it useful in reverse osmosis, where the desired result is to leave contaminated substances behind and let the clean water seep through .

Perfect for mixing third wave water for optimal coffee water - or as completely clean drinking water

Intro price: DKK 3499 including 8 FREE single letters:

  • third wave water classic profile x 4
  • espresso profile x 4

The SWT-5000 provides:

  • Delivers crystal clear and lime-free water
  • Easy to operate and cheap to run
  • Also delivers hot water in 4 temperatures (room temperature, 50°, 85° and 95°)
  • Easy replacement of all filters
  • 5 liter container, which gives approx. 3.75 liters of purified water



Active filter system:

  • RO MEMBRANE (reverse osmosis)
  • 4-stage filter system
  • 5 liter water tank
  • 1.5 liter standby tank (with purified water)
  • Rededication of return water
  • Flush function
  • Automatic tank ventilation


Keeping you updated:

  • Display of water temperature
  • Display of remaining filter time
  • Shows when filter change is necessary
  • Shows when there is not enough water
  • Display of operating mode rinse mode
  • Shows operating mode rinse mode
  • Shows when a water change is necessary
  • TDS sensor monitors water inlet
  • TDS sensor monitors clean water


Easy to operate:

  • Multi-touch function
  • Hot water in just 3 seconds
  • 3 pre-programmed temperature levels
  • Power saving mode
  • Parental control
  • Filter change in just 10 seconds
  • Electronic filter reset
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction


Question: How long is the delivery time?

Answer: Since the coffee is roasted to order, to ensure freshness, you can expect a delivery time of 2-3 working days.

Question: Can you return your goods?

Answer: Yes, there is a 14-day right of return

Question: Can I collect my coffee myself?

Answer: Select collection during delivery, then you can collect from Alex Kaffe south of Aarhus